Kambazembi urges Ovaherero to work with other tribes

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-Chief Sam Kambazembi of the Kambazembi Royal House on Sunday called on fellow Ovaherero people to work hand in hand with other tribes towards building unity among Namibian tribes.

OvaHerero flock to Omaruru to commemorate White Flag Day

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-The commemoration of the annual White Flag Day took place at Omaruru in the Erongo Region.

Ovaherero-Nama US lawsuit may soon go to trial

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The Ovaherero and Nama lawsuit in the United States of America may soon go to trial.

OvaHerero community commemorates the death of Chief Samuel Maharero

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About 200 people convened in the capital on Wednesday to commemorate the death of OvaHerero Chief Samuel Maharero.

Ovaherero, Nama attend genocide reparations case in New York

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-Over 30 Ovaherero and Nama people are attending the genocide reparations court case in the Federal District Court in New York.

DTA leader McHenry Venaani appeals for unity in Ovaherero community

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-DTA leader McHenry Venaani has appealed for unity among the Ovaherero community, following a stand-off between groups at this year's Red Flag commemoration day at Okahandja over the weekend.

Ovaherero remember the late Kuaima Riruako

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-The late Ovaherero traditional authority chief Kuaima Riruako has been remembered as a leader who had a strong desire to consolidate unity of purpose, among all Namibians.

OTA erect a fence around Kommando

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Ovaherero Traditional Authority members have started erecting a fence around the disputed Kommando at Okahandja in Otjozondjupa region. Chief Vekuii Rukoro ordered the erection of the fence, to be followed by unspecified structures as per requirement by the municipality.