PDM's Dienda suggests civil servants transfer their pension to funds other than GIPF

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PDM MP Elma Dienda wants government to allow civil servants to transfer their pensions to Kuleni Pension Funds Administrators.

MPs want dashcam recordings used as evidence in prosecuting rogue drivers

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-Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Member of Parliament (MP) Vipuakuye Muharukua has proposed that dashcam recordings of rogue drivers, captured on the country's road network, be used as evidence to prosecute perpetrators.

PDM candidate in Ondangwa by-election to focus on upgrading informal settlements

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-Popular Democratic Movement of Namibia's (PDM) Johannes Martin, who is vying for the Ondangwa Urban Constituency Councillor position, says he will prioritise the upgrading of the informal settlements with water, electricity and proper sanitation.

PDM condemns NSFAF's decision to reject funding 12 000 applicants

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Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) UNAM branch strongly condemns a decision taken by the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) to reject funding to more than 12 000 eligible student applications.

PDM leadership's tenure extended to March

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-The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) extraordinary congress has endorsed a decision by the central committee to extend the tenure of its incumbent leadership until March next year.

PDM says no to electronic voting machines

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The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president says his party will not accept the use of electronic voting machines in next year's Presidential and National Assembly Elections without a verifiable audited paper trail.

PDM central committee discusses elections strategy in Oshakati

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-The Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM) central committee met at Oshakati to discuss the growth of the party, as well as next year's parliamentary and presidential elections.

PDM to sue Government over leasing of farms to Russian national

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-The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has reiterated that it will sue the Government over the leasing of four farms to a Russian national.

PDM, AR withdraw from second National Land Conference

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-Both the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) and Affirmative Repositioning (AR) group on Thursday announced that they will not attend the second National Land Conference.

PDM unhappy with time allocated at land conference

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-The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has objected to the 10 minutes allocated to it to present its position paper at the upcoming land conference.