Oshana Regional Council to continue improving the livelihood of its people

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The Oshana Regional Council will continue to improve the livelihood of its people through various dedicated government and private sector programmes.

Namibia's rural youth do not have internet access

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-The majority of young people in rural areas do not have access to the internet due to excessive costs and poor infrastructure.

Fewer people arrive at central coast this festive season

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-Compared to 2016, fewer people arrived in the central coast area this weekend to kick off the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Namibia celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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-Although Namibia has made significant strides in assisting people with disabilities, a lot still needs to be done to integrate them into society.

People with disabilities unhappy with CoW's delay in allocating land to them

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-People with disabilities are not happy with the delay in the allocation of land to them by the City of Windhoek.

Lack of accessible roads hampers movement of people with disabilities

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-People with disabilities are still confronted with a lack of roads, accessible to their range of conditions.

#BusinessToday | More than 700 000 Namibians live on credit

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-More than 700 000 people of Namibia's 2,5 million population are living on credit.

7 550 people from 11 regions benefit from ICT training

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-About 7 550 people from 11 regions across the country benefited from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training that has been running for the past five years.