Families who lost homes in Twaloloka fire to receive plots

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-Households in Otweya, previously known as Twaloloka informal settlement at Walvis Bay, will each be given a plot to build their houses.

Otweya residents want enough space to erect houses far apart

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-The massive fire that wiped out shacks in Otweya informal settlement, formerly known as Twaloloka, at Walvis Bay, has put the demand for urban land and housing under the spotlight.

Oshakati Town Council urges relocated residents not to sell off Onawa plots

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-The Oshakati Town Council has urged people who were relocated to the newly established Onawa reception area from Eemwandi, not to sell off the plots allocated to them.

CoW services zero plots during the 2017/18 financial year

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Despite setting sights on delivering 430 serviced erven for residential, business and institutional purposes during the 2017/18 financial year, the City of Windhoek is said to have not availed a single plot.

Eenhana to service 6500 plots by 2020

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Eenhana Town Council is expected to develop 6500 plots through a Public Private Partnership.

Rundu Town Council seeks funds to service over 4 000 plots

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-The Rundu Town Council is seeking funds to service over 4 000 plots.

Groot Aub residents disappointed with CoW decision to re-evaluate plots

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-Residents of Groot Aub settlement, south of Windhoek are disappointed with the City of Windhoek's decision to re-evaluate plots.

Shack Dwellers Federation receives plots from Walvis Bay municipality

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The Shack Dwellers Federation received 1 068 serviced and unserviced plots from the Walvis Bay municipality.

Kalkrand Shack Dwellers Federation members demand plots

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Members of the Shack Dwellers Federation at Kalkrand village in the Hardap Region are demanding that all plots allegedly pledged by the council to them in 2015 be handed over to them.