Anti-poaching activities in parks not lifted due to COVID-19 - Shifeta

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-The Environment and Tourism Ministry has issued a stern warning to potential poachers, saying that anti-poaching activities in Namibian parks have not be relaxed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

TOSCO urges youth involvement in fight against habitat loss and poaching

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The Tourism Supporting Conservation (TOSCO) urged young people to join the fight against loss of habitat as well as poaching.

5 arrested for elephant tusks smuggle

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On Friday afternoon, five people were arrested at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region after they were found in possession of elephant tusks.

Ambulance driver again arrested for poaching with a government emergency vehicle

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-An ambulance driver was again arrested for poaching with a Government emergency vehicle in the Zambezi Region.

Miss Namibia 2017 declares war against poaching

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Miss Namibia 2017 has declared war on poaching.

Environment Ministry expresses concern over ongoing instances of wildlife poaching

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Poaching remains a big concern in Namibia. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism however vows to do whatever possible to bring poaching under control.

Save the Rhino Trust collaborates with artists to raise awareness about poaching

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-The Save the Rhino Trust has collaborated with four Namibian artists to raise awareness about the unprecedented poaching of Rhino's in Namibia.

Shifeta says poaching has become a syndicate activity

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-Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, says illegal hunting of wildlife, mainly rhino and elephant, has become a syndicate activity.

Police officer investigating poaching case alleges he was offered bribe

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-A police officer investigating a case of two Chinese nationals, charged with poaching and illegal possession of rhino horn, says somebody tried to bribe him.

Diplomat says Chinese nationals unfairly portrayed as perpetrators of wildlife crime

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-The interim Charge de Affairs of the Chinese embassy in Namibia says Chinese nationals are being mistakenly targeted as perpetrators of wildlife crime.