Cenored donates bicycles to Otjiwarongo Police

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-Otjozondjupa Regional electricity distributor, Cenored, has donated bicycles, helmets and cool drinks to the Police at Otjiwarongo.

Fighting crime should not be sole responsibility of police - Ndeitunga

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-Fighting crime should not be the sole responsibility of the police force.

Erongo Police and municipal traffic officials arrest nine drunk drivers on Friday and Saturday

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-On Friday and Saturday, nine drivers were arrested at Walvis Bay and Swakopmund for drunk driving.

Otjozondjupa Police call for public help to identify bodies after horrific accident

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-The Police in Otjozondjupa have called on the public to assist in the identification of 10 people who died Sunday evening in a road accident between Okahandja and Karibib.

Police in Zambezi region launches road safety campaign

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The Police in the Zambezi Region launched its road safety campaign and crime prevention operations for the festive season.

Public called to identify items in police possession before next auction

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-The public is urged to visit the Windhoek police station and identify items in the possession of the police, before these will be considered for auctioning.

City Police senior superintendent urges drivers to be patient

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-Senior Superintendent in the City Police's Crime Prevention Division, Gerry Shikesho is urging drivers to be patient, especially when approaching road intersections.

Police arrest suspect in shebeen break in

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Police arrested a 38-year-old suspect on Tuesday morning following a break in at a shebeen, in the Omafo area at Helao Nafidi, in the Ohangwena Region.

Police call on Zambezi residents not to buy smuggled products

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-The police have called on residents in the Zambezi Region to refrain from buying products that are illegally smuggled into the country.

Police clarify purpose of 'no-man's land' territory between border posts

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Police authorities have clarified the purpose of no-man's land at border posts.