Police arrest suspect in shebeen break in

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Police arrested a 38-year-old suspect on Tuesday morning following a break in at a shebeen, in the Omafo area at Helao Nafidi, in the Ohangwena Region.

Police call on Zambezi residents not to buy smuggled products

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-The police have called on residents in the Zambezi Region to refrain from buying products that are illegally smuggled into the country.

Police clarify purpose of 'no-man's land' territory between border posts

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Police authorities have clarified the purpose of no-man's land at border posts.

Police encourage public to do background checks before hiring anyone

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-The police have warned the public not to hire any domestic workers, gardeners or contractors without a thorough background check on them.

Otjiwarongo police receive bicycles

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-Police in the Otjozondjupa Region are now using bicycles which is said to be a more effective means of fighting crime. This new initiative was made possible by a donation from Ohorongo Cement.

Police say bank employees often tip off criminals

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-Police say businesses and commercial banks should know their employees, because they - and security guards - are mostly suspected to tip off, criminals.

Police request assistance in identifying mother of a foetus found in a bin

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The police request assistance in identifying the mother of a seven-month-old foetus found in a skip container.

Naked body found near Van Eck Power Station

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-A naked body, found in an empty water tank behind NamPower’s Van Eck Power Station, has been retrieved.

Erongo police concerned over increased drug abuse cases

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-Police in the Erongo region are concerned over a sharp rise in drug abuse, robbery, gender-based violence and stock theft in the region.

Over 130 people nabbed with drugs

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-The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) have arrested 135 people on drug trafficking related charges during the festive season.