Crippling poverty prevalent in Windhoek's informal settlements

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-Grinding poverty is still affecting many people in the capital's informal settlements.

World poverty levels decline

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World poverty levels declined considerably over the past few decades.

OKACOM calls on investors to facilitate development activities along the river

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The Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM) is calling on investors to facilitate development activities along the river.

Business must go on

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A number of women live by selling acacia pods to farmers on the side of the road. This they say is better than staying at home waiting for employment.

Government urged to implement long-term poverty alleviation plans and strategies

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Two National Council parliamentarians say the Government should come up with clear long-term plans to alleviate poverty.

Information Ministry underscores importance of media in eradicating poverty

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-The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has underscored the importance of media in the country's efforts to eradicate poverty.

Nearly 25% of //Karas Region's children face severe poverty

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With a population of nearly 90 000 inhabitants, the //Karas Region faces severe poverty among nearly 25% of children.

Poverty levels among //Karas youth high

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-With a relatively young population and nearly 25% of the unemployed population never having completed primary education, poverty levels among young people in the //Karas Region are on the increase.

Government calls on stakeholders to help fight poverty

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Government has called on individuals, community members and businesses to join in the fight against poverty in the country to eradicate the scourge.

Fisheries Minister calls on companies to help in the fight against poverty

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The Fisheries and Marine Resources minister is calling for the introduction of a score card, to rate efforts by the private sector, to alleviate poverty.