Oshana Regional Commander urges public to report incidents of violence to the police

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-The Oshana Police regional Commander Rauna Amwele has urged those in abusive relationships to report incidents of violence to the police, to prevent their escalation.

Ohangwena Governor appeals to public to fight corruption

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-Ohangwena Governor, Usko Nghaamwa has appealed to the public to fight corruption in the region.

//Karas Regional Council staff reminded of public's high expectations

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-Staff of the //Karas Regional Council have been reminded of the public's high expectations when it comes to service delivery.

Public urged not to be alarmed over outbreak of diseases

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The Health and Social Services Ministry calls on the public to remain calm following the outbreak of diseases, and pledges its readiness and preparedness to ensure that lives are protected.

NAMCOL determined to change negative public perception

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-The Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) is determined to change negative public perception about the institution's programmes.

Sophia Shaningwa urges property developers to meet public's demand

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-Urban and Rural Development Minister, Sophia Shaningwa, has cautioned developers of houses for low and medium income groups countrywide, to do proper market research to avoid building high cost houses that local people cannot afford.

Principals urge public to enroll on time

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-As schools opened countrywide on Wednesday, some principals in Windhoek are calling on parents to apply for enrollment well in time at institutions to avoid disappointments.

Shaningwa warns public about scam

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Urban and Rural Development Minister, Sophia Shaningwa, is warning the public about a scam that is using her identity to request people to pay money into a fund meant for re-investing in the development of the nation.

NamPol urges public to report missing persons to them instead of media institutions

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The Namibian Police is calling on the public to report cases of missing persons to the Namibian Police instead at media institutions.

Biggest stories of 2017? Here are some views from the public

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nbc reporter July Nafuka took to the streets of Windhoek to gauge the views of the public on what was their biggest story of 2017.