NamPol urges public to report missing persons to them instead of media institutions

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The Namibian Police is calling on the public to report cases of missing persons to the Namibian Police instead at media institutions.

Biggest stories of 2017? Here are some views from the public

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nbc reporter July Nafuka took to the streets of Windhoek to gauge the views of the public on what was their biggest story of 2017.

Home Affairs Ministry urges public to collect passports

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-The Home Affairs and Immigration Ministry urges members of the public to come forth and collect their national documents, particularly passports which have been piling up since March 2017.

Otjozondjupa Police call for public help to identify bodies after horrific accident

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-The Police in Otjozondjupa have called on the public to assist in the identification of 10 people who died Sunday evening in a road accident between Okahandja and Karibib.

Public urged to generate less waste

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-The country is faced with rapid urbanisation and industrial growth, putting pressure on the environment which has a limited or no ability to absorb solid waste.

Home Affairs urges public to acquaint themselves with national documents and their uses

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-The Home Affairs and Immigration Ministry is urging members of the public to gain relevant knowledge on the importance of each national document.

Road users remain reckless despite Roads Authority's efforts to improve conditions

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-The Roads Authority of Namibia continues to make interventions on public roads to ensure that they remain safe and become more user friendly.

Members of the public urged to safely dispose of batteries

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Disused batteries pose a danger to human beings, animals and ground water if not safely disposed off.

Former First Lady Pohamba calls on the public to go for regular cancer screenings

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-Former First Lady Penexupifo Pohamba has called on the public to go for regular cancer screenings to be more supportive to those who have been diagnosed with the disease.

Top cop urges public to pay TV licences

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-A top police official has urged the public to pay their TV licenses to avoid prosecution.