Dams have twice the amount of water they had this time last year

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-As the rainy season for 2017 draws to a close, the Namibia water utility says dams countrywide have on average twice the amount of water they had this time last year.

Katima Mulilo houses flooded

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-Many residential houses at Katima Mulilo were flooded - following good rains received at the town, since December.

Good rains forecast as Okavango River's level rises

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-The water level of the Okavango River is rising.

Heavy rain falls in the Kalkrand area

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-Widespread and copious amounts of rain brought much-needed relief to Namibians who were suffering under very hot conditions.

Good rains expected in most parts of Namibia in the coming weeks

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Good rain showers are expected in most parts of Namibia as from Tuesday next week.

Crop producers hope for rain as the planting season draws closer

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Crop producers are hoping for rain as the planting season draws closer.

Rains at Katima Mulilo leave some families destitute

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While many welcomed the first rains experienced in 2016 at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region, some families were left destitute.

Normal to above-normal rainfall expected for Namibia

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Increased chances of normal to above-normal rainfall are expected for Namibia from October to March 2017. Nampa reports that the SADC Secretariat has issued a statement after the 20th Annual Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum.