Ndeitunga calls on refugees to respect the laws of the country

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-The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga has called on refugees to respect the laws of the country like any other citizen.

900 Refugees living in Namibia receive food donations

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-About 900 refugees living in Namibia have so far received food aid from various institutions since the proclamation of the state of emergency.

Namibia will not take in refugees without proper profiling - Kapofi

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-The Namibian authorities have pronounced themselves on the immigration crisis of refugees flocking into Namibia from South Africa.

84 Former Dukwi refugees transported to their villages

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-The 84 refugees who arrived in the Zambezi from Dukwi refugee camp in Botswana have been transported to their respective villages.

Namibia develops mechanisms to focus on migration

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-Namibia will develop mechanisms to implement the action plan which was approved at the 32nd Summit of the African Union.

Africa must address root causes of refugee problem - Nandi-Ndaitwah

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Africa must address the root causes of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has said.

Directorate of Refugees Administration hosts workshop on refugee determination

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The Directorate of Refugees Administration in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration is currently hosting a three day workshop on refugee determination.

Namibian refugees return home from Botswana

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About 20 Namibians who were in the Dukwi Refugee camp in Botswana have returned home as the deadline for the cancellation of their refugee status is approaching.

Government, UNHCR to work on refugees' return to countries of origin

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-Government has reiterated its commitment to working closely with the United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) to facilitate the return of refugees to their countries of origin.

Home Affairs to ensure all refugees enjoy equal rights

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-The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration will ensure that all refugees in Namibia continue to enjoy equal rights as citizens.