Rehoboth woman allegedly kills boyfriend

by editor1 / Oct 19, 2020 / 0 comments

-A 42-year-old woman was arrested at Rehoboth on Sunday after she allegedly stabbed to death her 32-year-old boyfriend.

Rehoboth teenager stabs fellow learner to death

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-A 13-year-old boy was arrested on Tuesday at Rehoboth after he allegedly stabbed to death a 15-year-old boy at the hostel of St Joseph’s Primary School.

Rehoboth residents flock to town council's office hoping to be allocated plots

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-Hundreds of Rehoboth residents flocked to the council's offices, defying social distancing regulations, after hearing that the erven are being handed out.

Man arrested for possession of 605 Mandrax tablets

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-A case was opened after a man was arrested for dealing in Mandrax tablets on 21 April at about 20h00 along the B1 road just outside Rehoboth.

Rehoboth residents want government to intensify COVID-19 awareness campaigns

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-Residents in Rehoboth are calling on the Government to intensify awareness campaigns about COVID-19 at the town to ensure adherence.

Health Minister denies reports of suspect Coronavirus outbreak at Rehoboth, Oranjemund

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-Health and Social Services Minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula has denied reports of suspected Coronavirus outbreak at Rehoboth and Oranjemund.

Rehoboth introduces amnesty programme for defaulters

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-The Rehoboth Town Council has introduced an amnesty programme to assist residents who struggle to settle their municipal bills.

Rehoboth Town Council remains on ministry's radar

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-The Rehoboth Town Council remains on the radar of the Urban and Rural Development Ministry following double salary payments for the month of January this year to some of its staff members.

Groot-Aub, Rehoboth celebrate Christmas

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-Christmas is known by many as the birth of Christ.

Rehoboth Emergency services conduct emergency response simulation exercise

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-Emergency services at Rehoboth, in conjunction with the town council, have been conducting an Emergency Response Simulation Exercise on the road between the town and Windhoek this morning.