Rehoboth couple dies in shack fire

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-A couple burned to death in a shack fire in the Block E informal settlement at Rehoboth, following a lover's quarrel.

Basters remember battle of Sam Khubis

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Scores of people of Rehoboth have converged at Sam Khubis to commemorate a battle between the Basters and German forces more than 100 years ago. Sam Khubis lies about 80 kilometres south-west of Rehoboth and was the scene of a battle between German Schuttstruppe and members of the Baster community.

Rehoboth community group aims to impact lives of recovering addicts

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-A community group in Rehoboth is aiming to make a change there, impacting the lives of former and recovering addicts.

Nedbank Branch in Rehoboth burgled

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Masked men broke into the Nedbank branch at Rehoboth between midnight and 03h00 this morning.. Details about the incident are sketchy as yet, but NamPol officers are at the scene of the crime.

Rehoboth's Iconic Le Palace and LiveFM gutted

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-Rehoboth's Iconic Le Palace caught fire at 03h00 Friday.

First-ever youth expo for Rehoboth in December

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Rehoboth's first-ever youth expo will take place at the sports grounds of the Dr Lemmer High School early December. The one-day event, organised by the Ikazi Vibe Youth Organisation, aims to promote locally manufactured products and give young and upcoming entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their products.

Rehoboth water supply cut off

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Rehoboth residents are up in arms with the town council after Namwater cut off water supply at the town recently.

High speed chase near Rehoboth

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A high-speed chase by the Namibian Police ensued on Sunday afternoon after a Toyota Corolla sedan with four male occupants failed to adhere to police orders to stop. The incident occurred on the B1 national road between the Oamites Army Base and Rehoboth in the Hardap Region.