President Geingob proposes research on innovative methods to curb road accidents

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-President Hage Geingob is proposing that research be carried out to help identify innovative methods and technologies to curb road accidents.

Tertiary institutions urged to assist Government to meet development goals through research

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-Institutions of higher learning have been urged to be on the forefront in assisting the Government to meet its development goals, through research.

Symposium urges Namibia to remain committed in strengthening research, innovation

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-Namibia needs to remain committed in strengthening research, science, technology and innovation as these are key to economic growth and sustainable development.

Africa's lack of research blamed for poor growth

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-Lack of proper research and development are among the reasons why many African countries are said not to be achieving desired growth.

Researches urged to submit climate change proposals

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-A Southern African climate change and land management organisation is calling on researches to submit proposals, aimed at addressing climate change in the region.

Twapewa Kadhikwa urges upcoming entrepreneurs to research industry they want to venture into

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-Existing and upcoming entrepreneurs are urged to carefully research the types of businesses they want to venture into beforehand, and gain the necessary skills to run them successfully.

NNFU calls for more research into the agriculture sector

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More research into the agriculture sector is required as Namibia strives towards a more knowledge-based economy.

Swapo launches Research and Advisory Committee

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-Swapo party has launched a Research and Advisory Committee under the auspices of the Party's Chief Whip.

NCRST launches GMO research laboratory in Windhoek

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-The National Commission for Research, Science and Technology (NCRST), has launched a national Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) testing, training and research laboratory in Windhoek.

UNAM researchers underfunded

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The University of Namibia's Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Development said the country's economic downturn has negatively affected the number of research and innovation projects undertaken at the university.