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Otjiwarongo resettled farmer applauds Government for helping to transform her life

by editor1 / Feb 17, 2020 / 0 comments

A resettled farmer, at farm Wagnog in the Otjozondjupa Region, says despite challenges in the agriculture sector, she has managed to turn her life around, through land availed to her by the Government.

Most resettled farmers not paying rental fees - Land Reform Minister

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Many resettled farmers are reluctant to pay the prescribed rental fees .

Resettled farmers unhappy over restricted access to Farm !Areb

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Resettled farmers at Farm !Areb are not happy for allegedly not having access to the entire farm, on which they have been relocated.

Ministry of Agriculture introduces capacity building strategy for resettled farmers

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-The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has introduced a Capacity Building Strategy for Resettlement and Affirmative Action Loan Scheme farmers.

Resettled farmers urged not to sublease their farms

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Resettled farmers have been urged to refrain from subleasing their farms.

Nujoma urges Otjozondjupa resettled farmers to engage in commercial farming

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Farmers that were recently resettled in the Otjozondjupa region, have been urged to engage in commercial farming activities - that will contribute to the country's GDP. This week, Minister of Land Reform, Utoni Nujoma, resettled 25 farmers onto 16 farming units, in the Otjozondjupa region.

Landless People's Movement threatens to release a list of resettled farmers

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The Landless People's Movement has threatened to release a list of resettled farmers by Wednesday. The group of land activists want to release their own list of beneficiaries of the government's resettlement programme, if the Ministry of Land Reform, fails to respond to their request for an official list.

Resettled farmers urged to become commercial

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Resettled farmers in the Hardap Region are urged to adjust their farming methods and become fully fledged commercial farmers.

Resettled farmers urged to work hard.

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The Land Reform Minister has warned that government efforts to resettle people on commercial farms will be meaningless if the beneficiaries are not ready to work hard.

Resettled farmers encouraged to use land productively

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Land Reform Deputy Minister Bernadus Swartbooi has encouraged resettled farmers to redouble their efforts and use the land productively. Addressing the Third Otjozondjupa Resettlement Farmers Symposium, Swartbooi said he was happy with the improved farming activities at most units in the region, despite the climatic challenges experienced.