Queen Sofia resettlement farm residents face water and food shortages

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-Residents at Queen Sofia resettlement farm face water and food shortages.

30 Residents to benefit from Kalahari Constituency project

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-Thirty residents of the Kalahari Constituency, currently living in makeshift shacks made from plastic and other waste material, are set to benefit from a new initiative by their regional council, known as the Kalahari Homeless Shelter project.

Oshana residents welcome joint police, army operations over the festive season

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-Oshana residents have welcomed the joint operations carried out by men and women in uniform over the festive season.

Arandis residents demand removal of entire town council

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-A group calling itself Arandis Accountability Tracking Committee is demanding the removal of the entire town council.

Outapi collects only N$860 433 from N$6,3m owed by residents

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Outapi Town Council

-The Outapi Town Council was only able to collect N$860 433 from nearly N$6,3 million, owed to it during the 2015/16 financial year.

Rundu urges informal settlements' residents to buy land within town boundaries

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-The Rundu Town Council urges residents and businesses occupying erven in informal settlements to buy land within the local authority boundaries.

//Karas residents pay tribute to Theo-Ben Gurirab

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Residents of the //Karas Region have joined the rest of the nation in paying tribute to the late Theo-Ben Gurirab.

Sewende Laan residents stranded after City Police remove belongings from their shacks

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Residents who occupy land illegally at Sewende Laan near Otjomuise have been left stranded after the Windhoek City Police broke open their shacks and threw out their belongings.

Kabbe residents want infrastructure development in Zambezi accelerated

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Residents living along the Chobe River in the Zambezi Region are urging government to speed up infrastructure development.

Grootfontein Municipality committed to improve quality of its residents' lives

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The Grootfontein Municipality is committed to improve the quality of lives of its residents at the town.