//Karas residents pay tribute to Theo-Ben Gurirab

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Residents of the //Karas Region have joined the rest of the nation in paying tribute to the late Theo-Ben Gurirab.

Sewende Laan residents stranded after City Police remove belongings from their shacks

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Residents who occupy land illegally at Sewende Laan near Otjomuise have been left stranded after the Windhoek City Police broke open their shacks and threw out their belongings.

Kabbe residents want infrastructure development in Zambezi accelerated

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Residents living along the Chobe River in the Zambezi Region are urging government to speed up infrastructure development.

Grootfontein Municipality committed to improve quality of its residents' lives

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The Grootfontein Municipality is committed to improve the quality of lives of its residents at the town.

Windhoek Municipality says city water is over-consumed

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-Windhoek residents are using a lot of water and the authorities recorded the highest water consumption of 101%.

Rundu residents owe Town Council more than N$200 million

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Rundu residents owe the Town Council more than N$200 million in rates and taxes and this is attributed to the new billing system.

Keetmanshoop's informal settlement residents forced to relieve themselves in bushes

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-Residents of the Ileni informal settlement at Keetmanshoop in the //Karas Region, are forced to make use of nearby bushes whenever nature calls.

CoW opens waste management tenders to informal settlement residents

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-City of Windhoek opened waste management tenders to residents in informal settlements.

Saamstaam residents grateful for flushing toilets

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-Saamstaam residents at Otjiwarongo have expressed gratitude for their town council having upgrading their dry pit latrines to flushing toilets.

Hepatitis E outbreak blamed on poor living conditions

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Residents of the Havana and Goreangab Dam informal settlements say they are irked by the poor service delivery in the form of toilets, portable water, and uncollected rubbish, as they battle to contain the outbreak of Hepatitis E.