NWR dismisses claims of employees retrenchment due to COVID-19

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-The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) has dismissed claims of retrenching any of its employees due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 5 000 employees retrenched during the first quarter of 2020

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-More than 5 000 employees were retrenched during the first quarter of this year due to a number of factors including COVID-19.

NAMBOB Funeral Solutions to retrench eleven staff members

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-NAMBOB Funeral Solutions will retrench eleven of its staff members at the end of this month.

83 August 26 employees face retrenchment

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-Eighty-three employees of the Namibian Defence Force-owned entity, August 26, face retrenchment next month as the company closes due to financial problems.

18 Namibia Baking Factory workers face retrenchment

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-Global economic headwinds continue to threaten the survival of local businesses impacting on job security and leaving many Namibians without jobs.

Retrenchment packages are fair - Langer Heinrich Uranium mine

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Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine Company says it is busy with the retrenchment process and the affected employees have already been issued with notice letters. Corporate and Community Relations Superintendent at the mine, Bernadette Bock says the package the company is prepared to offer is more than what is legally required.

DYS Diamond workers face job losses

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-About 22 employees of an Israeli diamond polishing firm DYS Diamond, operating in Namibia, stand to lose their jobs come January next year, after they were issued final retrenchments notices on Monday.

Government urged to intervene in Skorpion Zinc mine saga

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The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) has appealed to the Government to intervene and prevent the retrenchment of more than 200 employees at Skorpion Zinc Mine.

1 500 Skorpion Zinc Mine employees face retrenchment

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One thousand five hundred employees at Skorpion Zinc Mine face retrenchment, if the company does not outsource its mining division before June 2017.

Elgin Brown and Hamer Namibia employees retrenched

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102 employees at Elgin Brown and Hamer Namibia at Walvis Bay in Erongo region have been retrenched. Of these, 82 opted for voluntary retrenchment, while 20 were retrenched with no option.