Over N$112 million worth of gravel access roads inaugurated at Outapi

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-More than N$112 million worth of gravel access roads were recently inaugurated at Outapi in the Omusati Region.

More than 50 survive accident near Otjiwarongo

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Three vehicles, including a bus, were involved in an accident on the Otjiwarongo-Okahandja road Friday night.

Okatana-Endola-Onhuno road nears completion

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-The multi-million dollar Okatana-Endola-Onhuno main road is nearing completion, much to the delight of local residents.

Okahandja-Okandjira and Karibib-Otjimbingwe roads to be re-gravelled over the next three years

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-The Okahandja-Okandjira and Karibib-Otjimbingwe roads will be regravelled over the next three years, Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa has said.

Conrad Lutombi on Hosea Katuko International Airport road upgrade

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-The upgrade of the Hosea Katuko International Airport road to a dual carriageway is continuing and is scheduled for completion in October 2019.

Transport sector vows to intensify road-safety operations

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Transport sector vow to intensify road operations

-Even though the festive period has come to an end, stakeholders in the transport sector vowed to intensify road-safety operations on national roads.

Decrease in number of crashes, fatalities and injuries compared to Christmas 2016

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-A Road Traffic Comparison report, compiled during the 2017 Christmas long weekend, indicates a decrease in crashes, fatalities and injuries as compared to the same period 2016.

Mass memorial held for 10 people who burnt to death on Okahandja-Karibib road

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-Stakeholders in the transport sector are concerned about the carnage on national roads caused by speeding.

Minibuses ordered to offload excess luggage in Zambezi

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-Several long distance minibuses were ordered to offload at roadblocks in the Zambezi Region due to overloading.

20-Tonne trucks now allowed on Rosh Pinah-Oranjemund road

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-The restriction that prohibits trucks of a length of more than 12,5 metres, and a mass of 20 tonnes from making use of the Rosh Pinah-Oranjemund road, has been lifted.