MUN dismisses allegations that it did not act in the best interest of Rossing workers

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-The Mine Workers Union (MUN) has dismissed allegations that it did not act in the best interest of workers who were dismissed by Rossing Uranium.

Rio Tinto hands over Rössing to CNNC

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Mining giant Rio Tinto has officially handed over Rössing Uranium Mine to the new shareholders China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Competition Commission approves Rössing sale

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-The Namibian Competition Commission has approved the acquisition of Rössing Uranium Limited by the China National Uranium Corporation (CNUC).

China National Uranium Corporation promises to maintain Rossing's employment structure

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China National Uranium Corporation (CNUC) promised that if the merger is approved, the current employment structure at Rossing Uranium will be retained.

MUN worried by the sale of Rossing

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The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) is worried that the selling of Rio Tinto shares in Rossing Uranium mine to China National Uranium Corporation Limited (CNUC Ltd) will have a negative impact on its members and the communities at large.

Rossing wins legal battle over surplus pension funds distribution

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-Rossing Uranium has won the legal battle over the distribution of a surplus in pension funds against its former employees.