800 Vulnerable people become Food Bank beneficiaries at Rundu

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-Moving to the Kavango East now where about 800 vulnerable people at Rundu became beneficiaries of the Food Bank at its inauguration.

Prepaid meters can solve Rundu's water crisis - SPYL

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The branch of the the SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) in Kavango East says prepaid water metres are the only solution to the water shortages at Rundu.

Rundu Town Council to evict residents who demarcated plots for themselves

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-The Rundu Town Council says it will ensure that a group of people who have illegally demarcated plots for themselves at the town vacate the area.

Rundu urges informal settlements' residents to buy land within town boundaries

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-The Rundu Town Council urges residents and businesses occupying erven in informal settlements to buy land within the local authority boundaries.

Rundu Adventist Primary School learners march to denounce crimes against children

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-Children from the Rundu Adventist Primary School held a march to denounce the escalating crimes against children.

Thieves raid Government stores at Rundu

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The Government Stores at Rundu was broken into on Thursday after the Government Garage had a successful auction where various items were sold.

Second Food Namibia Conference kicks off at Rundu

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The second Food Namibia Conference kicked off in Rundu, Kavango East.

Rundu police seeking assistance in tracing the whereabouts of Kughodi Clemens Kampanza

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Police at Rundu are seeking assistance in tracing the whereabouts of Kughodi Clemens Kampanza, who went missing on 7 July 2018.

Police difuse tension over land occupation at Rundu

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Police had to be called in to difuse tension over illegal land occupation at Rundu on Saturday.

Rundu struggles to fix leaking sewerage pipe for four years

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The Rundu Town Council has been struggling to fix a leaking sewerage pipe over the past four years.