Defiant Rundu councillors hit back

by editor1 / Feb 14, 2019 / 0 comments
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Power battle between Rundu councillors and the Swapo Party continue as three recalled councillors decided to involve their lawyers.

New residential area in Rundu expected to reduce housing backlog

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The town of Rundu has a new suburb named after the late former Mayor Hilka Leevi.

SWAPO branches at Rundu want town councilors withdrawn

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The dispute among SWAPO councillors at Rundu seems to be far from over.

Rundu residents fume at town council over uncollected refuse

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Frustrated residents of Rundu have expressed dissatisfaction with the Rundu Town Council for its inability to collect refuse in residential areas for a period of up to four months.

Rundu water interruptions to continue until end of January

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Namwater has announced that there will be water interruptions in most residential areas at Rundu until 31 January.

Financial constraints hamper Rundu Town Council's cleanup efforts

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Financial constraints are hampering the Rundu Town Council's efforts to keep the Kavango East Region's capital clean.

Kehemu police sub-station handed over at Rundu

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Police in the Kavango East Region handed over a new sub-station to the community of Kehemu, at Rundu.

Swapo division again causes Rundu elections postponement

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-Two camps among Swapo Party Councillors on the Rundu Town Council continue to stall the swearing-in ceremony of new councillors, which was expected to take place Monday.

800 Vulnerable people become Food Bank beneficiaries at Rundu

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-Moving to the Kavango East now where about 800 vulnerable people at Rundu became beneficiaries of the Food Bank at its inauguration.

Prepaid meters can solve Rundu's water crisis - SPYL

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The branch of the the SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) in Kavango East says prepaid water metres are the only solution to the water shortages at Rundu.