Rundu Meteorological Centre operating from residential area

by editor1 / May 06, 2018 / 0 comments
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-The Meteorological Centre at Rundu is currently operating from a residential area which does not conform to the World Meteorological Organisation's standards.

Rundu Town Council overwhelmed by cleanup turnout

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-Rundu Town Council is overwhelmed by the turnout of this week's cleanup.

Rape incidents come to light at Rundu hostel

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-Shocking incidents of rape came to light at a school hostel that houses visually and hearing impaired learners.

Motorists in Rundu concerned over damaged roads during rainy season

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Good rains received this year have damaged some roads at Rundu.

Shoprite employees lead cleanup campaign at Rundu

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The town of Rundu is known for its heaps and heaps of filth. The town received a much-needed facelift when Shoprite employees embarked on a cleanup campaign on Wednesday.

Medical specialists on National Outreach Programme at Rundu

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-A group of medical specialists are at Rundu to impart skills to local doctors and conduct operations at the hospital.

Elderly Rundu man’s throat slit

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-In yet another murder in the Rundu area, a 72-year-old man died on Sunday evening after his throat was slit.

Police identify body of woman strangled and discarded in Rundu

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-Police in the Kavango East Region have identified the body of a woman who was strangled to death and dumped in Rundu's Industrial area this week.

UNAM's Rundu campus to involve community through research and development

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-The University of Namibia's Rundu Campus has reiterated its commitment to involve the community through research and development.

Rundu on the verge of being completely dry

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-The town of Rundu is on the verge of being completely without water, with the town council owing Namwater millions of dollars in unpaid debt.