Advocacy booklet for San women launched

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A lot still needs to be done to empower San girls and women to advocate for their rights so they can improve their social status.

Regional dialogue calls for introduction of Khoisan languages in schools

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Participants at a regional dialogue on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women have called on Government to look at introducing Khoisan languages in schools.

Only one percent of San children finish high school

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-Of the 67% of San children who do enroll in schools only one percent finish high school.

SAN withdrawal from security guards wage negotiations condemned

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Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA) has lashed out at a decision by the Security Association of Namibia (SAN) to withdraw from a forum formed to represent security guards.

OP hosts 'back to school' and 'stay in school' campaign for marginalised children

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-Children from the San, Ovatue and Ovatjimba communities struggle to stay in school due to the extreme poverty they find themselves in.