2017 Namibian Newspaper Cup benefits all

2017 Namibian Newspaper Cup benefits all
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Katrina Gowases

Football was the overall winner at the just-concluded edition of the Namibian Newspaper Cup, which took place at Swakopmund.
The popular tournament brought together 13 regional teams to fight for bragging rights, exposure and much more.
After four days of action at the Vineta Sports grounds, Otjozondjupa Region and hosts Erongo emerged as the finalists.
All eyes were on host region Erongo to deliver the good on the day. Things, however, turned out differently as their opponent Otjozondjupa came onto the pitch with a well-orchestrated plan.

Otjozondjupa wasted little time to write their name on the score-sheet, as Willem Kamasiepo put them in the driving seat as early in the first half.

With Erongo trying every trick in the book to level the score, Otjozondjupa came back more determined in the second half and extended their lead to 2-nil - courtesy of Romario Hawiseb.

With two goals in the kitty - Otjozondjupa resorted to defending football, blocking Erongo's moves towards their gate, but that did not work as they conceded a penalty at the end of the match.

Sedric Noaeb scored from the penalty area to narrow the lead to 2-1, but time was not on Erongo's side as Otjozondjupa held on for a 2-1 victory, which resulted in wild celebration afterwards.

The result brought back glory to the Otjozondjupa region after their previous victories in the 2005 and 2013 editions.

“As the leader of the team, I am happy with the victory and the onus lies with us to defend it successfully come next year”, said Otjozondjupa captain Michael Kamuserandu.

A total of 71 goals were scored in the 20 matches played in total.

The competition was, however, not just about soccer but provided a business opportunity for small enterprises as well.

Vendors from different towns made their way to Swakopmund and used the opportunity to make money.

Stalls of food vendors were seen all around the stadium.

Most of the vendors NBC Sport spoke to were very happy with what they made through sales at the newspaper cup.

“Business was great and we did very well – on Friday the people were especially great”, said one of the vendors.

Those in the hospitality business also benefited greatly from the competition as most of accommodation establishments at the coast were fully booked.