2nd Division to start this month

2nd Division to start this month

Lesley Tjiueza

The 2nd Division Football Leagues in Namibia will start as early as next weekend, according to the President of the Namibia Football Association, Frans Mbidi.

While the Namibia Premier League continues to struggle for sponsorship, the Namibia Football Association has made strides with football in the second division, planning an imminent start this month. According to the NFA, the delay of the league is due to funding issues and implied moving the Namibian football calendar to the time period from February to December.

“The league will start after the preliminary round of the NFA Debmarine Cup. The preliminary has already started and those teams that have completed will start with their League next weekend.” Mbidi explained.

The NFA is responsible for the 2nd Division's winners in the North, Southern and North West. 2nd Division Streams are getting N$20 000 for the winners, N$ 10 000 for the runners up and N$5000 for the 3rd team. The teams do not get monthly grants but Mbidi said he hopes to do better in the future.
" We do not give monthly grants but as you know we are stripped for cash. I am hopeful that we will do that in the future.”
Mbidi further said that the NFA has joined the hunt for monies, so that the NPL can start.

He added: “We are not watching from a distance. We have engaged the necessary role players. I have been given permission to speak to sponsors on behalf of the NPL and we are just waiting for the outcome of those engagements, but I remain positive that the NPL will kick off. I cannot say this month or next month but we should see some football this year.”

All eyes are on the NPL organisers, who are expected to pronounce themselves this week on the way forward after holding their Annual General Meeting two weeks ago. The league will start with those teams that have been relegated from the first Divisions, while those promoted will wait for the 1st Division to start.