Another Spar race victory & record for Johannes in SA

Another Spar race victory & record for Johannes in SA
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Namibian runner Helalia Johannes registered her 5th victory out of 5 in the SPAR Women's 10 km Challenge in South Africa on Sunday when she won the Maritzburg Challenge leg in a record time of 32.23 minutes.
Johannes has broken the record in all five races so far - making her the most impressing figure ever in the history of the event.
From the barrel of the gun at the starting line Johannes started the event in a mean mood as she shot into the lead alongside Ethiopian junior runner Tadu Nare and Glenrose Xaba following closely behind them.
As the race became tougher, Xaba dropped to the back after the 3rd kilometre, leaving Nare to fight the running battle with the Namibian.
But Johannes started to show her intention for the title when she stepped up her running and left Nare behind after the 5th kilometer.
She never looked back as she put up another super human performance in a new record - crossing the line first, with Ethiopian Tadu Nare in second and South African Glenrose Xaba in third.
Despite having a persistent headache throughout the race, Johannes was very happy to have won again.
"It was tough at the start, but the hills didn't affect me, as I train in hilly terrain. The weather was perfect for running, as it was quite cool" Johannes said.
Johannes eyes will now be on the World Marathon championship in Doha in late September before deciding whether she will run the Joburg SPAR Challenge on October 6.