Bleak Future for NFA Women’s Super League

Bleak Future for NFA Women’s Super League

There won't be a Namibian Women's Super League next year due to financial shortages facing the Namibia Football Association.

The league that has been run without a sponsor cannot continue, unless they get financial assistance says the head of the NFA's women desk, Jackie Gertze.

“We have been running the league without a sponsor last year, the money we receive from FIFA merely goes to administration, concludes Gertze.

The Women's Super League has produced professional players who are plying their trade outside the country, such as Zenatha Coleman and Thomalina Adams.

The league has also been used as a platform from which Brave Gladiators coaches scout players, which is now in jeopardy because players for next year's international games still need to be found.

Tura Magic, the team that won the super league football this year, have not yet received their prize money, simply because it isn't available. The only chance for the league to continue is if they obtain sponsorship from corporate Namibia.