Britz and Mbakera off to Germany for Coaching Course

Britz and Mbakera off to Germany for Coaching Course
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Two of Namibia’s most promising youth coaches James Britz and Mervin Mbakera travels to Germany for a three-week International Coaching Course for A -Certificate, the highest possible coaching license, organized and funded jointly by the German Football Association (DFB) and the Federal Foreign Office.
National under-20 assistant coach James Britz and National girls under-17 coach Mervin Mbakera flew out to Germany on Saturday morning ahead of their attendance in the 2016 German Coaching Course which starts on Monday, 05 September to 23 September with more than 30 participants from more than 20 countries.
The two coaches expressed their desired outcomes from the course attendance including sharing their new knowledge from the course.
“ I’m really honored to be selected and be part of this course. I have never thought I could get this chance and so when the NFA approached me I did not hesitate knowing that their nomination was based on trusting that I need to go and learn more”, Britz says.
The Tura Magic assistant coach Britz adds that he will continue to play his part in local football development and the sky is the limit.
“ I have been very lucky to work with youngsters and for me that is where it all starts. I’m also still involved with Khomasdal Football Academy and attending this course can only improve my knowledge and the way I do things.
Mervin Mbakera echoes his colleague’s sentiments and adds that as a women football coach it was imperative to attend international courses to advance the game locally.
“ There is so much out there to learn and this course will only help me develop new ideas of how to make the game here for the ladies more appreciated and ensure that our players are up to date with the game”, Mbakera states.
The former Tigers assistant coach Mbakera thanks the NFA for the Association’s drive to keep going despite the hard times.
“ The guys at Football House are really trying to keep the game going and this is testimony to that effect. Our football can of course be better off with more funds but until that day we have to continue pushing and making sure all the girls and boys fulfil their dreams of playing organized modern football”, says Mbakera.