FIFA development officer arrives in Namibia

FIFA development officer arrives in Namibia
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Windhoek- A FIFA Development Officer by the name of David Fani, arrived in Namibia on Wednesday.
He has been tasked by the world Fotball governing body to look into the situation that has arisen in Namibian Football pertaining to the fixed term employment contract of NFA Secretary-General Barry Rukoro.
David Fani, who is a former President of the Botswana Football Association, wasted little time upon his arrival as he jump-started his mission at a local hotel where he met all parties involved in local football one by one.
First to meet with him was NFA President Frans Mbidi, who spent a lengthy one and a half hour in the meeting, followed by the man at the centre of the storm, Secretary-General Barry Rukoro.
Next was the NFA Executive Committee without both Mbidi and Rukoro, before he wrapped up his first round meeting with all NFA employees.
The highly-rated Football official met them to gather information on what exactly is the situation that led to the feud between the NFA President and his right hand man Rukoro, how it arose and how it could be resolved.
Fani's findings will be put together in a letter that will be send to FIFA and enable the world governing body to assess the situation in Namibia and be able to offer advice to the NFA or take such a decision as it might deem appropriate.
Sport News also learned from a reliable source that the FIFA man has been provided with documents pertaining to the current situation in local Football as a means to familiarise himself.
These documents include the NFA Constitution, Minutes of any Executive Committee meeting at which Rukoro's contract has been discussed as any relevant correspondence or document attached to the matter.