FIFA officials in Namibia for girls’ academy pilot project

FIFA officials in Namibia for girls’ academy pilot project
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NFA Women's desk

Windhoek- Two FIFA officials Sue Roman and Patricia Gonzales are in Namibia to host a FIFA Girls Academy pilot project at the NFA Girls Technical Centre.
The FIFA Girls Academy Pilot Project aims to help the Women's Desk to ensure an elite pathway for the most talented players, and should have an impact in the medium and long term in the National Team's performance said Patricia Gonzales, a FIFA Technical Development Manager.
“Namibia has established itself in women football it is one of the few Countries in Africa that has a technical centre for women football thus it is important for us as FIFA to support NFA Women Desk in establishing a FIFA Girls Academy Project, Women Football has flourished in recent years and interest in Football played by women is currently at an all-time high, we are here to find out what the challenges are and how together with NFA Women Desk can establish Girls Academy Project “ Gonzales said.
According to the former coach of the Republic of Ireland's women's Football team, Sue Roman who is now a FIFA Technical Expert, the objective of this pilot project is to get an in-depth view of women Football in Namibia and to draw up a plan to implement the project.
“It is important for us to help promote women Football in Africa and the World as a whole, we are going to familiarize ourselves with the challenges women football players and technical teams experience in Namibia and how we can help build sustainable national and regional women Football competitions at various levels” Roman said.
FIFA promotes the development of women football and pledges to support women football financially.
FIFA also gives players, coaches, referees and officials the opportunity to become actively involved in football, as the Association is helping to popularise the game by increasing public awareness and conducting information campaigns as well as overcoming social and cultural obstacles for women.
The ultimate aim is to improve women's social standing in society.