First CAF/UEFA GS Academy seminar starts in Windhoek

First CAF/UEFA GS Academy seminar starts in Windhoek
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Katrina //Gowases

Windhoek-The first-ever GS Academy Seminar in Africa - organized by CAF in partnership with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) - got underway in Windhoek on Monday.
Twelve African Football Association Secretary Generals are attending the six-day training, to gain essential knowledge, tools and networks needed to successfully and strategically manage football federations.
Several experts from UEFA are in the country to give hands-on-examples and provide check lists, which can be used, not only by the general secretaries, but their organisations.
”To get all the stakeholders involved in football, you need to establish transparency. You need to be preparing files, projects, plans and strategic planning as that's what it is all about today” UEFA's education programme coordinator Joel Pinson said.
The seminar's aim is to standardise good practise of Football on the continent in partnership with UEFA and to take advantage of exchange and see how to adapt rules and regulations within the African context.
“The idea is not to tell the people what to do and how to do it, but to say and to show the best examples, the best knowledge that we have to share it with them, to inspire them, but of course naturally every country has to put it into their condition or environment” UEFA's head of international relations, Eva Pasquier, explained.
NFA secretary general Barry Rukoro believes it's an opportunity to relook into one's approaches, as at times they as administrators think they know it all. But when being exposed to practises across the world, they will start to learn and better equip themselves.
”This workshop in particular is about the practical side of our work as general secretaries. It will be helpful in how we implement and facilitate the work of the office of the general secretary” Rukoro said.
The seminar ends on Friday. The next leg of the CAF GS Academy will take place in Ethiopia from 5-9 November 2018, which will be followed by 2 seminars in January 14-19 2019 in Djibouti and then 25 February to 01 March 2019 in Morocco.