Football will be played this year: Doeseb

Football will be played this year: Doeseb
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By: Lesley Tjiueza
The Chairman of the Namibia Premier League has hinted that with just over 90 days to go until the year ends, Namibian football will still be played in 2016 as they are working around the clock to obtain the required sponsorship.

It has been three weeks since Johnny Doeseb was last seen on National TV to explain how Namibia Premier League organisers are planning to secure the millions of Namibia dollars needed to enable football in Namibia once again. In a telephonic interview today, Doeseb said that his administration was edging closer to a solution.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel and I can tell you that football will be played this year. I do not want to pre-empt the date but this year.”Said Doeseb.

Doeseb also re-emphasised that the so-called football forum that was formed and which is supposedly trying to save football has to be genuine because everyone has to work together at this point.

“People should play the game not the man. No one has come up with ideas how to solve the problem and they play the blame game.”

Doeseb also said that the NPL is trying to find 24 Million, although bearing in mind that MTC's doors have not been closed indefinitely.

“Our budget is 24 million to run the League, however we are looking for that but we know that MTC’s door is open and if we get 9 million we will take it.”

With 16 NPL clubs employing a minimum of 30 staff members each, at least 480 people are virtually unemployed - and many more directly or indirectly affected.