Fundraiser held for cancer-battling Drag racer

Fundraiser held for cancer-battling Drag racer
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An fundraising event was held the past weekend to assist Drag racer Kempen Claasens, who is battling cancer.
A group of drag racers got together the past weekend to raise funds for fellow racer Kempen Claasens by participating in a bike race in Windhoek.
In an interview with nbc sport news, president of Twenty 82 Quinton Kotze thanked the racers, staff and spectators who participated in the event that was held to help save Claasen's life.
“Us the members of the Drag racing community are working together as one. We look after each other and we are always there to support each other in different causes. This time we decided to reach out to our friend and co-racer Kempen Claasens wherever we can” Kotze said.
The money raised is still to be tallied and will thereafter be handed over to Claasens, who has been battling cancer since 2011.