Gals & Goals nominated in awards’ development category

Gals & Goals nominated in awards’ development category
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NFA Galz & Goals

Windhoek-The Namibia Football Association's head of Women's Affairs, Jackey Gertze, has expressed her excitement over the Galz and Goals project's nomination in the Sport Development category at the upcoming Namibia Annual Sport Awards.
The Galz and Goals project, an initiative by the Namibia Football Association and UNICEF, was started in 2009 as a platform to teach young girls about life skills through sport. To date the project has over two thousand kids, and according to Gertze, it deserves the nomination at the upcoming sports awards.
We would like to see girls given the space to grow as individuals in a safe and nurturing environment and to enjoy themselves through the sport of football. We know that young girls are at a particular sensitive and crucial phase of their development, as they make their way from childhood to adolescence. Thus, it is especially important to support the girls to navigate through this tricky stage of their lives so they can grow into confident, self-respecting and responsible women. In this respect, the Galz & Goals project is about much more than just playing soccer said Jackey Gertze.
Since the initial Galz and Goals launch, young girls have been exposed to the programme and healthy lifestyle activities through football festivals. The project's leagues are currently run in 8 regions across the country.
The 2018 Sport Awards will be held at Swakopmund popular Dome in the Erongo Region on the 27th of October. This will be the first time that the awards are being held in another town since its inception