Game time crucial for players - Green

 Game time crucial for players - Green
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Christle Kotze

Windhoek-The Chief Executive Officer of Namibia Rugby Limited, Mervin Green, says game time is crucial for national players in their preparation for the 2019 World Cup.
The current state of affairs surrounding the players' Currie Cup participation is however making the situation difficult.
It all started when Rugby sponsors in the country threatened to withdraw their funds if contractual obligations between the Namibia Rugby Union and Namibia Rugby Limited were not honoured.
Speaking to NBC in an exclusive interview, Namibia Rugby Limited's Chief Executive Officer, Mervin Green, said it is a sad situation for Namibian Rugby lovers who appreciate and follow the game.
He explained that the latest development is that the companies sent a letter to the president of the NRU, informing him of their standing. The NRU president responded last Friday.
The company through its lawyers is in the process to prepare a response back to the NRU president.
The back and forth, he believes, leaves the players in a difficult situation.
" In terms of our preparations it is not an ideal situation at the moment it is a bit uncomfortable , players are confused. They are really concerned as to what happen on daily basis, but from my side and the company side that is driving the operational aspects around the national team is to ensure that we prepare them properly "Green said.
Green travelled to South Africa last week to secure some of the provincial sides and two teams from the South African Rugby Union and to see how to best get those sides to Windhoek.
He said the team also has to prepare for the November-bound UK tour, where the players who played in the Gold cup will be used and need to prepare properly.
The CEO added that it's all about where Namibia is ranked on World Rugby's ranking, and that it will be an opportunity for Namibia to improve the ranking.
Green has received confirmation that the Blue Bulls are keen to play Namibia in a friendly around the 22nd of September, but is still waiting for confirmation from the provincial sides.
"My plea to the public of Namibia is to keep on supporting the national team, because you have qualified for the biggest spectacular of the game in the world we cannot give up now , my plea is personally don't give up on the team irrespective what happen off the field of play let's focus on how we as a nation is going to support the team going to the rugby world cup and this is what we need to do as nation"he said.
In the meantime the world cup squad is preparing with coaches that Phill Davis has entrusted to carry on. The programme will have to ensure that the squad will be able to take on the Bulls in the friendly game.
He said it is the company's desire to negotiate with the NRU to settle the issues and find an amicable solution .