Government Distances itself from Football Problems

Government Distances itself from Football Problems

President Hage Geingob yesterday said Government will not involve itself in problems faced by football.

This according to Dr Geingob this is because the world football governing body - FIFA - does not allow politicians/Governments to be involve in the running of football.

The President said that when he was responding to questions from the media during the year-end review of the Harambee Prosperity Plan at State House.

He also said he is a sport lover but his hands are tied by the rules prohibiting Government to intervene.

“We are staying outside because the rules are clear; if we intervene, Namibia will be expelled by FIF. We are running the Government, do not expect us to run football; it is impossible for us to run football,” he said.

On funding, Geingob said sports must fund itself. He said sports leaders are good at accusing the government of failing to run the country while they are failing to run football clubs.

“Our stadiums are always empty when teams are playing. People must go to the stadiums and pay. Look at other countries, when there is football, the stadiums are packed. What is the difference? Something is wrong there,” he added.