Handura welcomes women Hockey’s award nomination

Handura welcomes women Hockey’s award nomination
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Windhoek-Coach of the Senior Women's Indoor Hockey Team, Erwin Handura, has welcomed the nomination of his team at this year's Namibia Sport Awards.
The Senior Women's Indoor Hockey Team is nominated at this year's Namibia Sport Awards in the category of Sport Team of the year. Their coach, Erwin Handura, is proud of the work his team has done in terms of growth.
“I'm proud of what our team have done this year. I would like to congratulate them for the nomination. They are not there by accident, they worked hard to be where they are. I hope they will win. I'm going to travel the country around, to identify talent and start teaching them on how to turn professional” Handura said.
The women's team just returned from South Africa where they participated in a five-day Hockey Series against South African opponents.
The Namibian team is currently ranked 1st in Africa and 11th in the world.
Meanwhile, the coach revealed that, they have already started with identifying talent that will be moulded to represent Namibia at the next Indoor World Cup.
Many athletes and coaches will be rewarded for their achievements on the 27th of October at the Dome in Swakopmund.
14 categories are up for grabs, with NBC broadcasting the awards live.