A press conference was held earlier today at the Namibia Sports Commission to brief the media in the ongoing case of racism and discrimination displayed against youth hockey player Liya Herunga.

To ensure transparency and good governance in the case surrounding Herunga, the Namibia Sports Commission is continuing its investigation into the issue. Herunga's name was taken off the list of the national under 16 team that was supposed to travel to Zimbabwe this month and replaced with that of a white player.

Speaking at the press conference, the commission's chief administrator, Freddy Mwiya, shed light on the investigation.

"There is no bad blood between the Namibia Hockey Union and the Namibia Sports Commission. It’s for this reason that we have the vice president of the Namibia hockey union Mr. Conrad Wessel and also the vice president Marietta Stoffberg here today. Our investigation therefore should not be seen as a punishable measure against the Namibia Hockey Union. Together we can use this process to help all our affiliates, so that they can be able to handle similar situations in the future." Mwiya explained.

Since this is a somewhat new matter to the Namibia Hockey Union, Stoffberg said that it will serve as an eye opener to all sport federations to tackle issues head-on.

Mwyia then emphasised that enough time is required to engage all parties involved to finalise the investigation. They are currently consulting with all the stakeholders and will hold a joined press release on the outcome of the investigation in two weeks’ time.

He also called on the nation to exercise restraint as the matter is receiving attention.