Jonas Junias grateful for support

Photo credits: 
Anna-Mart Kruger

Namibia's last boxer at the 2016 Rio Olympics Jonas Junias Jonas said his performance during his fight was to all those who believed in him and his innocence and thanked all for their support.

Jonas lost his first Olympic fight in the 64kg category against Hassan Amzile by a close margin 28-29, 28-29, 28-29 ,after only coming out of prison on bail on competition day.
He was arrested on Sunday for alleged attempt of sexual assault of an Olympic village housekeeper.

The 22 year old Jonas said having had sleepless nights and been kept behind closed doors for nothing was not easy as it has drowned him out and still had to go fight.

There was no bail application for the young boxer but,it was an application habeus corpus meaning an application to secure physical freedom in the custody of a responsible person or an entity. He is currently in the care on the Namibian Embassy in Brazil.

Namibia's other boxer Matias Hamunyela lost his second fight against Birzhan ZHAKYPOV in the 49kg category on Tuesday.