Junior golfers tee off at Rossmund

Junior golfers tee off at Rossmund
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Swakopmund - 21 junior golfers from all over Namibia teed off at the 2018 Swakopmund Junior Open this past weekend. The event took place at the Rossmund Golf Course.
The one-day tournament saw junior golfers playing in five divisions.       
Division A was for players with handicap 0 – 10, division B for golfers with a maximum handicap of 18, and division C for players with a handicap of more than 18, consisting of one round stable ford.
The organisers also included a non-official junior division, for golfers without an official handicap, playing one round of stable ford, and a development division for golfers under the age of 13, without an official handicap, which consisted out off six shortened holes. 
The A and B divisions were the main highlight of the day, with six junior golfers competing over two rounds of eighteen holes.
Top Namibian junior golfer Willie Els once again showed his class and took the overall title in division A.
Division B was won by Charly Lohmann, while Bertie Coetzee took honours in the C division, with JP Johnson winning the non-handicap division.
The president of the Namibia Golf Federation, Brenda Lens, spoke about development chances embedded in the event.
"The more our juniors have tournaments, the better they get, because they need competition. They need the mental aspect of golf, to continue and play abroad. You can also make a living out of golf. But our main objective here is to get more juniors interested in the game" Lens said.
Some youngsters also aired their views about the day and golf in general.
"I love golf, because it is nice and for me a very gentle game" Vico Kotze said.
"I really enjoyed this day and had fun and continue playing golf, going to correct the mistakes I did today" Nampa Ndjendja added.
This was the 4th open this year and the junior golfers will play in their next competition in September at the Namibian Open.