Katjaimo successful in juggling sports and studies

Katjaimo successful in juggling sports and studies
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Namibia's netball starlet Vendjihonga Katjaimo has set her sights on a career in the sport.
Vendjii Katjaimo, who plays as a goal shooter and attacker for the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, is currently on a scholarship in that country where she is studying for a Master Degree in Law.
She was one of the shining stars for Namibia in the Pent Series Netball, which the country won in July 2018.
According to Katjaimo, Netball will be part of her life for another few years, although she is now forced to juggle the sport with her educational path.
Being in South Africa has added to her professionalism in netball nonetheless.
“They are more structural here. They tell you exactly how you should move and when you should stand. You have to think and play. I definitely want to focus more on my career, so I am giving myself six more years in Netball and then after that I would like to focus on my career” she said.
Katjaimo believes that Namibia is blessed with many good netball players and that the time has come for them to look elsewhere for greener pastures.
She thinks they should be looking outside the borders to make a living and see their journey as a way of uplifting the playing standard of the national team.