Kick Boxing Federation reflects on action-packed year

Kick Boxing Federation reflects on action-packed year
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Swakopmund -2018 marked a very interesting and busy time for the sport of kickboxing -both nationally and internationally.
Namibia made history as they were the first African country to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil, where they won international titles.
The Namibia Kickboxing Federation is currently registered in two Namibian regions - namely Erongo and Khomas. They are, however, committed to expand the sport to as many regions as possible.
The NKF welcomed three new clubs to the Federation this year, the Warrior Code MMA & Kickboxing Club, Shihan Simba from Kuyhoshin and Andre Huisamen from Elite Defense Academy in Tsumeb.
While the federation was only established in 2016 in Walvis Bay, much has been done ever since to develop and further the sport in all areas of the country.
Facing a shortage of coaches, the federation continues with its development programme in most regions nonetheless.
The number of athletes currently registered with the NKF has grown exponentially, with a gender balance of 60% male and 40% female.
10% Of the students have disabilities and it’s the aim of NKF to reach out even further in the future to accommodate more of these students, and also have a programme in place that teaches self-defence.
This year, the Kickboxing Federation competed and held competitions locally and abroad.
In September in Walvis Bay, Desert Storm 2 was held with the National Qualifiers and Title Fights Championships.
In the UAEJJF Pro National Championship, students received one Bronze & two 4th places.
In the African Continental Games, 13 Gold, 8 Silver & 7 Bronze were obtained.
At the Battle of Atlanta World Championship, students received three 1st places and one 2nd places.
At the Azambuja International Jiu Jitsu Championships, two 1st places were achieved.
In the International Gladiator Jiu-Jitsu Championships, one 2nd and one 3rd place was won.
At Destiny, held in September, 6 Gold, 9 Silver & 7 Bronze medals were won.
And towards end of the year, at the UAEJJF Pro National Jiu-Jitsu Championship in South Africa, two Gold and two 5th places were achieved.
The NKF President, Anita de Klerk, said that the NKF intends to develop all students to the best of their abilities, and to send as many athletes as possible to compete in international events to expose them to all scenarios regarding the sport.