Let's root out tribalism in Sport - Uutoni

Let's root out tribalism in Sport - Uutoni
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Katrina //Gowases

Windhoek-The Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, Erastus Uutoni, wants tribalism to be rooted out in the field of sport, if the local industry is to unite and flourish.
Speaking at RMB Namibia's joint sponsorship hand-over to the Namibian Cycling Federation and PAY towards the Kids on Bikes programme for next year in Windhoek, Uutoni explained that tribalism should be rooted out at all cost in order to pave the way for a united sport industry in the country.
Uutoni said since taking over, he noticed that tribalism has been rearing its ugly head in sport.
"You are black you are white, i am a Wambo, I am Herero, this is really not good. We are killing sport by doing that. Let us not look at our color, and race. How do you expect people to unite, if tribalism is not ending. I have noticed that it is growing high and higher" Uutoni said.
The Minister also praised the Cycling sector for it's development programme, which is visible in most of the regions.
"I am happy that the Kids on Bike programme is in 9 of the 14 regions, and that more than 600 kids so far have benefited from the program this year" he added.
Head of Global Markets at RMB Namibia, Selma Kapeng, commended the work of both the Namibia Cycling Federation and the Physical Active Youth in the upliftment of the youth through cycling and education.
"From our side we decided to continue our journey with you. your program impressed us very much and we hope that you achieve more in future hence our continuity of our sponsorship" Kapeng said.
The Minister was taken on a tour at the Pay facilities to be acquainted with the various programmes and introduced to the faces behind it.