MTC server ties with NPL

MTC server ties with NPL

By: Lesley Tjiueza

Namibian Football has been thrown in total disarray, with MTC ending its 14-year relationship with the Namibia Premier League and taking along a sponsorship of N$15 Million per annum.

The Namibia Premier League’s contract renewal was closely tied to conditions imposed by MTC. The telecommunications giant ordered that the NPL should secure an additional N$9 Million, which would bring the total sponsorship for logistics and operations of the league to N$24 Million.

NPL were initially given until the 23rd of July to come up with the N$9 million, which their Chairman Johnny Doeseb said, they would secure within the given period. The deadline was eventually extended to the 22nd of August and the only tangible source was the Government through the line ministry, who said they had made budgetary provisions.

“The Ministry of Sport had made budgetary provisions but there are no guarantees. That means we cannot provide our principal sponsor with a written commitment to that effect.” said Doeseb
This irked MTC, who through their Human Capital Manager Tim Ekandjo announced the withdrawal of MTC’s sponsorship.

“We can now confirm that the NPL, despite its efforts, has not been able to secure an additional sponsor(s) or rather the N$9 million, and therefore MTC has now officially withdrawn its conditional commitment of N$ 15 million per annum and N$45 million over 3 years. This move now formally means that MTC will officially not renew its partnership with the NPL.” said Ekandjo.
Ekandjo further assured the public that MTC will remain a credible and enthusiastic partner not just to football but sports in Namibia and said that the millions earmarked for NPL will be reinvested in other sport codes.
The status quo means that the NPL needs to come up with N$24 Million before any ball is kicked. This could be daunting, given that the NPL failed to secure the N$9 million in 60 days. A long wait could be in line for football lovers.