NAFPU drags NFA to labour court

NAFPU drags NFA to labour court

The Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) has dragged the Namibia Football Association (NFA) to the Labour Court, demanding acknowledgement and recognition from the mother body.

According to Namibia Players Union secretary-general Olsen Kahiriri, NAFPU frequently contacted NFA, offering advice and requesting recognition.

Kahiriri alleges that NFA has side-lined the players' union, leaving them with no option but to seek relief from the court.

Among other issues, "the Union wants the court to order the football association to respect and uphold the recognition of the union as an exclusive bargaining agent under the jurisdiction of NFA.

The union has also asked the court to direct the NFA to establish a players'' status committee as per Football International Regulations on Status and Transfer of players and a Dispute Resolution Chamber.

The players'' representatives further request the NFA to establish regulations that protect contractual stability and pay due respect to mandatory national laws enshrined in FIFA regulations.

The hearing will take place tomorrow morning.