NAFPU work tirelessly to improve public image

NAFPU work tirelessly to improve public image
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Windhoek-The Namibia Football Players Union - NAFPU-  has vowed to put in the work needed to improve its public image.
Namibia Players Union President Lolo Goraseb said the organisation's image has been negatively affected, after media reports surfaced, in which some members of the organisation expressed their personal views about political issues in the country.
"I want to apologise to our political leaders for some political opinions of certain Nafpu members. The personal opinions of Lolo or Olsen have got nothing to do with Nafpu, but how it affects the image and integrity of Nafpu has become a concern. So we want to apologise to President Hage Geingob and the Swapo political leadership for any comments made by Nafpu leaders in their personal capacity" Goraseb said.
Goraseb also told the media that these concerns regarding NAFPU's public image were raised by members of the public as well as the international football players union, Fifpro.
"We don't operate in isolation and we need to listen to the advice of our stakeholders, and the way we express ourselves on social media is affecting the image of Nafpu. Personal opinions cannot reflect the position of the organisation" Goraseb said.
Nafpu's decision to polish their image followed a board meeting that took place on Saturday, where several other resolutions were also taken.