Nailonga motivates youth to take Volleyball serious

Nailonga motivates youth to take Volleyball serious
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The Namibia Volleyball Federation's development director Wendelina Nailonga wants more youngsters to take the sport of Volleyball seriously by involving themselves in the developmental set-up of the game.
As development director with the Namibia Volleyball Federation, Wendelina Nailonga's role is to coordinate the development of the game across the country at school level.
There are ten schools in each region under the watchful eye of the Namibia National Schools Sport Union (NNSU) that develop Volleyball.
On top of her involvement at school level, Nailonga is also coaching an under-9 team called Happy in Katutura's residential area of Soweto.
Nailonga has spent much of her time, encouraging youngsters to believe in what they want to become one day.
”We are starting from young ones for young ones to start playing Volleyball, since that the kids knows soccer, what we want we want kids to start playing and know what is good playing Volleyball and to teach them how to play Volleyball in a different tactics and skills” Nailonga said.
It is against that background that Nailonga is calling on all volleyball lovers to come in numbers for their first Beach tournament of the year on the 23rd of this month at DTS in Olympia, Windhoek.