Namibia’s referee future is bright- Tangawarima

Namibia’s referee future is bright- Tangawarima
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Windhoek - FIFA refereeing instructor Felix Tangawarima expressed nothing but praise for the Namibia Referee Association, after five days of offering training to local match officials and referees in Windhoek.
The Namibia Football Association's match officials and referees were treated to a FIFA Member Association Elite Referee Course, with the main purpose of sharing knowledge on the number one supported sport code.
The course, which saw 38 officials from different regions in attendance, was offered by a FIFA instructor who also doubles as Referees Committee member of CAF, Felix Tangawarima.
According to Tangawarima, the officials responded well to the training.
“I am really happy with these officials. They responded well to the training. 80% of our course was practical and we went to the field. Most of them passed the fitness test. Most of them are also young, meaning they can go longer with this game. We train on players' body movement and so many things and they did well” Tangawarima said.

The course also placed great emphasis on discipline as match fixing is on the rise in Africa.

However, Tangawaririma believes Namibian officials are so far doing well for not allowing this to happen in the country.
Participants received certificates at the end of the course.