Namibia promoted to Group II Euro Davis Cup for the very first time ever

Namibia promoted to Group II Euro Davis Cup for the very first time ever
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Contributed: NTA / Jean Erasmus

Windhoek-For the first time ever, four Namibian Tennis players have moved to Euro Africa group two, after winning against Nigeria in the finals of the Davis Cup in that country in June.
The Davis Cup is a week-long tennis tournament with participants from different African countries, such as Benin, Nigeria, Algeria, Kenya and Mozambique.
Speaking upon the Namibian team’s return at the appreciation meeting hosted by the Namibian Sport Commission’s office in Windhoek on Monday, Mwiya thanked the president of the Namibia Tennis Association and the team for a job well done.
“We were extremely excited to see that the Tennis association of Namibia is ranked in group 2 which is a Euro Africa Group. It is a very good opportunity in the history of this country that after 28 years, we are now going to watch elite Tennis tournaments within the borders of Namibia” Mwiya said.
Mwiya said efforts should be made to revamp Tennis facilities in other towns, to make Tennis more accessible to athletes in remote areas.
Speaking on behalf of the team, Namibia Tennis Association President Samson Kaulinge applauded the athletes on their progress made, saying this serves as a milestone for the country.
“ For the first time in the history of Namibia we got a chance of offering Tennis against countries that are highly ranked in the world of Tennis. To us its exciting it’s an achievement and we would like to thank all those that made this possible” Kaulinge said.