NCCS cycling launches new kit

NCCS cycling launches new kit
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Namibia Cycling Federation

Windhoek-Namibia Cleaning Chemical Solutions (NCCS) launched a new cycling kit for their team, with new sponsors Pupkewitz Megabuild also joining the event in Windhoek on Wednesday.
The NCCS Pro-Cycling team launched their new attire with the blessing of the Namibia Cycling Federation's Adrian Rolf at the Pupkewitz Megabuild Central branch.
At the press briefing, NCCS's principal officer also informed the media that the team is going to partake in the MTN Khemani Road Cycling event in Swaziland on Saturday.
With Pupkewitz Megabuild, NCCS got its third sponsor on board, in addition to Nedbank and MACGUI Duty free.
NCCS communication manager Jacob Kiyola explained the ins and outs of the branding of the kit.
“From now on the team will be called NSSV Pupkewitz Megabuild. The colour of the design is inspired by the Namibian flag. ”Kiyola said.
Pupkewitz Megabuild's commercial executive Jeanne Lowe also thanked the NCCS for approaching them.
“We believe in reinvesting in our future - that is one of the reasons we are happy to be involved with you guys and I hope you are looking fantastic. The company is always believing in reinvesting. ” Lowe said.
Apart from other ventures, the NCCS team is also preparing for the upcoming Tour de Windhoek, which is slated to take place between the 21st and 23rd of September.